Schools back, Spa’s in

Many teachers, parents and students will be in crucial need of some TLC after settling into the ‘new normal’ school routines following the lockdown of the UK. Step away from the white board and snuggle into a white fluffy robe instead!


Keeping the kids entertained for the past months and then being thrown back into the deep end with school runs, packed lunches, homework and everything else Is bound to leave you feeling exhausted.

Drop the kids to school and take some time out for yourself with our sunrise experience package. Start your day of with the tranquility you very much need, relax in the capable hands our therapists whilst they treat you to a 30 minute treatment of your choice, then soak away in our spa whilst sipping on a refreshing fruit smoothie. Trust us, the kids will love you for it!


Getting back into the routine of school means that ‘me’ time quickly disappears amongst lesson planning and marking homework. Indulge in our twilight package after the school day has finished, our twilight will leave you feeling rested ready for a good nights sleep. Our therapists will treat you to a 30 minute treatment of your choice, you can then spend the rest of your evening resting in our spa area, we will even provide you with a glass of prosecco! (Just the one though, remember it’s a school night!)


Starting Uni is a stressful yet exciting time, whether its your 1st year or your nearly graduating, a spa break can help you cope better with stress, relax you and ultimately make your body and mind feel refreshed and replenished. There are plenty of packages, treatments and membership options for you to invest in your wellbeing.

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